Speakers FAQs

Have a question about speaking at THRIVE? Below we have answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about presenting and speaking the THRIVE2020 Conference.

Similar to presenting or speaking at an in-person conference, you will present to conference attendees online. Attendees will see your presentation on their screen, hear your voice and can even see you if you choose. Some of the panel discussions will be in a round table format; some may be fireside chats, while some speakers' presentations will be pre-recorded. In all instances, there will be time when you can answer attendees’ questions during a live Q&A on the day’s presentations.

In addition to preparing a presentation like you would for any speaking commitment, the speakers participating in a round table discussion or fireside chat will have a designated moderator. The moderator can opine on topic as well as chair, steer, or moderate an even-flowed discussion of the chosen topic, that all of the fellow panelists orchestrate before the day of the event together, in a cooperative, collegial manner. SME events are educational, not a platform for speakers to solicit business.

Those speakers who agree to participate as a pre-recorded speaker can expect:

  • To spend an hour recording your presentation with an SME moderator and/or the panel's designated moderator. Plan to complete this several weeks in advance of the conference at a day and time of your convenience.
  • To attend a brief speaker rehearsal, which will provide an overview of the virtual platform.
To be available for about hour on the day of your presentation to participate in a live Q&A with attendees.
You will record your presentation in advance at a day and time of your convenience a few weeks prior to the virtual conference. There is also a live Q&A the day your presentation is released with attendees that speakers.
If a speaker opts to record their talk in advance, SME will coordinate and facilitate the recording in early October at the latest.
When you record your session you still provide conference attendees with the same valuable content, but without the pressure of a live event. You can avoid technical problems, perfect your presentation and edit glitches.
After you have recorded your presentation with an SME moderator, the presentation is edited, uploaded to the conference website and available for replay to conference attendees.
Because your presentation is recorded, there is time to familiarize yourself with the platform and do a brief run-though. The SME moderator can provide assistance throughout the entire recording.  There is also a speaker rehearsal for the live Q&A session.
You will need a good internet connection, a headset and webcam (preferred, not required).  SME staff will host your recording and can help troubleshoot most issues.
SME utilizes a variety digital platform similar to Zoom, GoToWebinar or Webex. SME will work with you to make sure the presentation is the focus, not the technology.
Speakers receive a complimentary conference registration.